We have a whole department dedicated to servicing property preservation companies in the US. We aim to take away the hassle and extra costs that are incurred with hiring an in-house processor so that you can refocus your time and money in growing your business. Not only are our processors highly skilled, familiar with most of the Nationals Vendor Web and have experience with filling out Damage Reports, Property Condition Reports, making Bids and with using cost estimators such as Repair base; they also have extremely good communication skills and are very passionate about their work. We guarantee to give you timely submission of work, with reports being made in great detail and reducing your costs to 30-40%. Our team at preservation area : Our office is based on Bangladesh; the offshore team consists of 3 parts: Experienced processors and team leads who have been in this field for the last three to four years now having experience with Clients like Wolverine, Servicelink (Assetshield), Five Brothers, MCS, MnM and many other Nationals. Our QC team that consists of senior members who verify all processed orders and integrated team of trainers to help new hires! Our processors: Our front line officers consisting from new hires to senior processors and team leads. They are our backbone of the company whose job is to do the property preservation data entry work for you. MnM, MSI, Five Brothers, MCS, LPS, you name the client you work for, we have the processor who knows your work. They make it a priority to give an outstanding service. Their specialty comes in handling maintenance orders where they are able to make bids accurately whether from Repair base or from other bid guides.

Our QC teams: Our back end team; consisting of more experienced employees. They work in the shadows constantly checking and verifying all orders processed. They make sure that all orders have the minimum of errors when they are submitted to clients. When and if an RTV comes they prioritize in fixing it. Their job is to QC all orders, correct all RTVs and pass information and updates to the processors and trainers. IT is their job to make sure that all property preservation data entry work is as accurate as possible from our end.

Our Trainers: The war veterans; having had stayed with our company from the start, and having gained a vast amount of property preservation data entry experience, they now train our new hires, handle our clients and learn new processes. They are the reason why we have come so far today as a company.

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