About Us

Ignite Preservation (Pvt.) Ltd, established in 2012, is a Business Process Outsourcing firm, sister concern of Janani Group, a renowned and leading Group of Companies of Bangladesh that has been running its business for long 63 years.

We have our expertise in providing data processing support in property preservation to any financial organizations. Besides, we have some excellent virtual assistance provider, call center representatives, SEO specialists, Graphics & Web designer as well.

We provide services from data entry to specialized tasks such as Creating Bids, Invoices, Estimations, Letterhead bids in Property Preservation. Our Virtual Assistants are expert, dynamic and professional, each individual being specialized in different tasks.

We maintain permanent offices both in USA and Bangladesh with ample number of employees to fulfill the needs of clients’ like LPS, Safeguard, MCS, MSI, MnM, and also but not limited to Five Brothers.

Meet Our Team

Ignite Preservation - Millan Morshed

Arafat Faisal Sarker


  • Ignite Preservation Ltd.
  • A sister concern of Ignite Consortium (Pvt.) Ltd.

Ignite Preservation - Millan Morshed

Millan Morshed
  • 5 years experienced about property preservation Industry
  • Vast knowledge about Client operation and client communication
  • Expertise: MCS360 , Black Night & M&M
  • Presently full responsible with Ignite Client Operation
Ignite Preservation - Shane Jones

Shane Jones
  • Experienced HR Professional & Specialist about US based Property preservation client support services
  • 4 years experienced with sound knowledge of safeguard, NFN, M&M, 5 Brothers
  • Presently responsible about Branding, marketing and client co-ordination
Ignite Preservation - Simon Saleq

Simon Saleq
  • Versatile expert in property preservation
  • Expertise in work order processing for property preservation companies using PPW, DropBox, MCS360, Safeguard, NFN, M&M, 5 Brothers, fieldcom, inspectionAd, Carrington
  • 4 years experienced with quality and assist error / reopen/RTV/ denial free process for any client.
Ignite Preservation - Micheal Donald

Michael Donald
  • Super-fast processing skill with 5 years of experience and updating knowledge with P&P work
  • Expertise about Service Link (LPS)MCS, Safeguard, M&M, MSI, NFN, NFR, Carrington, Five Brothers First Allegiance, Inspection, M&M QC